All over the place… or: the beautiful Javanese script

Hi all,

Long time no post.


The last years I have traveled through my life trying to find a place where I feel at home. I am not sure if I have found it. Being not sure is actually already a clear answer. Continue reading


Bonjour la France!

or: Ciao Italia.

Yesterday we found a place for the night near San Remo. It was a concrete square next to the sea and the edges where full of campers. We found a gap between two German campers and made dinner. Salad and bread. We ran out of gas. Continue reading

Muddy Genova, still.

or: still an exceptional situation.

Today we checked out of our very lovely and nice hostel in Genova. We decided to check out a camp site west of Genova because we wanted to stay another day in this charming, morbide city, but there where almost no possibilities to leave Charlie somewhere.
We went in westward direction and thought if this camp site is open and not affected by the floods we would spend another day in Genova.
If not we would continue our journey further westward to Imperia. Continue reading

Long time no see.

or: back in Europe

Hello. Yeah, I am fine. Back here in Europe. For three weeks already. I needed some time to get over the cultural shock. But I think now I am adapted to good, old Europe.

Today was a strange day. I missed Asia. And you know for what? For shopping and hanging out in a mall on a sunday. I was bored and I need some new clothes especially for hopefully coming job interviews. It is a kind of ‘mission impossible’ in Lower Bavaria. I will have to do that tomorrow. That’s ok, too. I am just in the complaining mood.

My main ambitions are going towards finding a job and gaining controll over my diabetes.

Just today I installed an app I am pretty impressed of, ‘mySugr Companion‘. It is a kind of diabetes diary, but not a common, boring one, but there is a monster you have to tame by entering your blood glucose values, the amount of carbohydrates you eat and all the other things that influence your sugar. I really like it. It reminds me of the small electronic gadgets I had about 15 years ago, the tamagotchis. You had to take care of it and you can see if it is fine or not. Mine always starved. I hope I will do a better job this time.

I want to buy the pro version. I think it is definitively worth it. It is an app which is developed by diabetics and which is made with love… and you really can see it. There are so many lovely details. So, if you are a diabetic as well, just try it.

I also created a diabetes blog where I will give an weekly report about all my experiences and about the articles I read and so on. Now my journey is over but there are still some topics in my life which are important enough to write about.

See you.